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The Guest Pack
FREE Digital Welcome Pack for Accommodation Owners

Get your own online digital welcome pack for your accommodation visitors...our simple guest pack provides your guests with all they need to know for their upcoming stay...access information, directions, household appliance information and more...

Having made over 400 websites for holiday accommodation owners, a frequently requested tool was for a digital welcome pack. This became even more necessary with the arrival of COVID-19; which forced accommodation owners to stop using a physical welcome folder at the property. We wanted to create an easy, simple online tool for our own customers, and we're happy to share this facility - so we've made it a free resource.

What's Covered?

Welcome Icon

Welcome & Owner Contact Details

Welcome your guests with a lovely introduction to your accommodation...tell them a bit about the property and the area as well as your contact details, should they need to get in touch.

Location Icon


This section allows you to provide all the details you need for your guests to find your accommodation...full address, map, directions & even includes the amazing What3Words app links.

Check In Icon

Arrival & Check-In

Let your guests know what time they can check-in/arrive, as well as other arrival information such as how to access the property, eg key safe details.

Accommodation Icon

Accommodation Info

This section allows you to provide all the information your guests may need about the accommodation, from WiFi codes, to how to use the central heating!

Departure Icon

Guest Departure

Provide your guests with all the details they need to vacate the accommodation properly, such as where to leave the linen, check-out time etc.

Locals Knowledge Icon

Locals Knowledge

Make your guests' experience even more memorable by sharing the best of where to eat, drink, visit etc with your own Recommended section.

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